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Please contact us to be added to our link page, If you have a quality business in a related field we would like to hear from you. A great forum to discuss today's modern woodworking issues "Buy or Sell" used industrial woodworking machinery.

     At Planer Knives and Blades, we feel a responsibility to provide knowledgeable, responsive service at a fair price. We understand that for your company to order tooling from us, you have to be profitable in what you are manufacturing as well! We still believe in the process of building relationships with the guys we work with. Many of our clients have been with us since we started our business 17 years ago. We don't believe in gimmiks or phoney sales techniques. We keep the same prices many times for several years straight with no increases. We don't like surprises with our vendors, just like you!!

           Please consider being a resource partner if your company values the same things we do!!

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