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We offer the highest quality planer knives and blades at any price. We
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Thousands of sets of premium blades and inserts are in stock for immediate
shipment in Carbide, HSS, and other specialty alloys.
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    At PlanerKnives-n-blades.com we offer one of the widest selections of finely made precision cutting planer knives and inserts on the web. We stock planer blades for running almost any type of lumber or composite material. All of our knives are manufactured to exceed industry standards, and are made using only high grade A.I.S.I steels and carbides for assurance of strict quality control. During manufacturing, our planer knives are salt bath hardened and triple draw stress relieved for perfect consistency. We then finish our planer blades with state of the art CNC creep feed crush grinders to provide an impeccable finish grind with perfect blade to blade consistency. Tens of thousands of these planer blades have been sold throughout the US and abroad. We buy and stock in large volume to bring quite extraordinary pricing even to small shops and hobbyist.

Custom Orders & Other Products
    Please feel free to call 702-641-2020 to place custom orders. Planerknives-n-blades is owned and operated by Template Services Inc. We are a full service cutting tool supplier to the woodworking industry. Andrew Corbello (owner) with over 30+ years industrial woodworking plant experience will be happy to talk and troubleshoot over any machine issue or manufacturing procedure. We also specialize in quality custom grinding of moulding knives for almost all brands of moulders & shapers and planers. Email is the easiest way to get hold of Andrew, and obtain a quote. We do not make " Obsolete Craftsman Planer blades"
"The Perfect Blade"
  When buying planer knives and inserts, the ultimate objective is to buy "The Perfect Blade". Buying the perfect planer blade is actually made of several components and is integral as our mission statement.
1. Listening
2. Quality
3. Value
4. Innovation
5. Delivery
1. Listening to our clients
     The first step involves listening to the needs of our client. The market is full of a huge selection of tooling systems, planer knives , & inserts in a wide variety of pricing levels. By listening to the type of materials to be machined and in what volume and time frame, we can suggest the optimum tool for the job.
2.What makes Quality?
     A pre-requisite to quality is obtaining the correct information by using good communication and listening. High quality tooling and planer knives starts with choosing the right tooling system for the job. High speed steel planer knives can be very cost effective and produce excellent results on many hard and softwoods, while carbide planer blades are perfect for some difficult to machine hardwoods and composite materials. There are disposable carbide insert knives, dedicated heads, quick change heads, exotic alloy steel inserts, all with different grades of wear, performance, and durability. We can help you match your application with the most cost effective way of achieving superior results. A big aspect of "quality" is choosing the right tool for the job. At Planerknives-n-blades, we use the best quality materials to make our planer knives and blades. Before production of the blades in the manufacturing plant, you also have to start with a basis of quality. We do this by using high grade precision material, finely tuned grinding machinery, grinding fixtures that are checked and maintained for wear, trueness, and setting. Add to that years of experience and training by the craftsmen operating these machines and you wind up with "quality".
3. Value
     To us at Planerknives-n-blades, value is a culmination lots of hard work and dedication. By purchasing products in large lots, unfailing devotion to quality, and listening to clients explain their needs on the "real world shop floor" we can guarantee value. The most expensive planer blades are not always the best, some tooling systems are just overpriced. Cheap tooling can damage machinery and be downright dangerous. Planerknives-n-blades weeds through all this information to offer what we feel are extraordinary values.
4. Innovation
     We are constantly searching for the best cutting edge new technologies at intelligent pricing. Utilizing new techniques in steel coatings, laminations, and cryogenics to enhance longevity and tool life is an everyday topic at planerknives-n-blades. Check our site often as we will be adding new products continually.
5. Delivery

     Finally we focus on delivery, and we believe this is a vital part of every sale. Basically the idea is simple. We deliver the product as we say we will. Products are shipped out usually within 1-2 days of when they were ordered. If there is ever a back-order situation you will be notified within 24 hrs. Good intentions don't pay bills, nor can a business run effectively with delays and excuses.

    Thanks for taking the time to read our "Perfect Blade" mission statement. If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to call me personally.

Andrew Corbello

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